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My newest fancies...... XD


HARPG - Current News and Events

Stable Information:
HARPG - DarKest Dreams Ranch (California)Registered with the :iconhorseart-rpg:
Official since June 10, 2011
:new: We now have an Alaskan Facility with the :iconAEARPG-Federation: ->
Welcome to my ranch. The DarKest Dreams Ranch where dark doesn't always mean bad. DKD for short. Thats the brand too.
The ranch is a vast spread of 7,000 acres in the middle of wilderness and bordered on all sides by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. The ranch has a secluded boarding facility for horses where their owners can have a place to spend time with their horses in the quiet mountains and go on trail rides among the beautiful scenery. The crisp high mountain air clears the mind and soul like nothing else except for the horses on the ranch. For the longest time, the ranch has been a working cattle ranch, raising some of the finest beef cattle west of the Rocky Mountains with it's substantial herd of smart and sturdy working ranch horses.
DarKest Dreams Ranch (Alaska Division):iconHorseArt-RPG: Registered California Facility ->
The Alaska Facility is aimed more at our breeds who need the colder climate.
Attending Staff: (Coming soon)
Other Facility Horses:


Session #1:
A Whole New World by DarKestcreagirl
Session #2:
Posing for the Camera by DarKestcreagirl
Session #3:
Who is THAT?! by DarKestcreagirl
Session #4:
The Nordanner Run by DarKestcreagirl
Session #5:
Jubilee Is On A Roll by DarKestcreagirl
Session #6:
Comming Soon
DarKest Dreams Ranch - Kennel DivisionSo I am going ahead and making it official. DKD is also a kennel. ^^
We will breed and show some but most of our dogs will be working dogs. They will be living on a ranch after all and there is plenty of work to do at both the California and Alaska locations. They will mostly guard and help herd cattle and horses and of course they will be pets.
Some of the breeds which: (we may own and breed - :bulletgreen:, we may merely own - :bulletpink: , or we would be interested in owning :bulletblue: )
:bulletgreen: Great Danes
:bulletgreen: Border Collies
:bulletgreen: Australian Shepard
:bulletpink: German Shepard
:bulletpink: Siberian Husky
:bulletpink: Alaskan
DarKest Dreams Ranch - The Beast Barn:iconSheduCats:



DKD Breeding Rules - Under ConstructionGENERAL
Most of my stallions ages 4 and older are open to stud unless I state otherwise. I may want to draw more images of them, train them more or enter them in more shows before I open them up.
Most of my mares ages 4 and older are open to breed even if it says that they are closed for breed lease. 
When wanting to request a breeding, simply comment or sent me a note inquiring about your intentions.
Breeding spot payments are usually a breeding image unless otherwise stated. Spots can also be trades or paid for with points, although I still like breeding images.
1. None of my horses will be available for breeding until they are adults at 5 years or older even if I give out a slot or two to a foal, it is not to be used until they are fully grown. If you try to use the slot before this, you will be moved off of the slot list f

PBBR-Association Grand Opening RODEO!!:new: Deadline Extended to November 30, 2014!!
PBBR-Association is finally opening up. We will be stirring up dust and some cowboys and cowgirls might be eating some too. XD  Anyway the group will be sponsoring this rodeo and possibly sponsoring with others. :) Feel free to comment if you'd like to take part.
Participants can get free designs and maybe some bonus points toward the group for taking part in the group's first event. 
Note Event is being Held at and Hosted by he PBBR Facility. We are officially opening up the facility to the public to experience and enjoy the love of the Rodeo and the Bulls and Broncs who call the PBBR home.
Open: April 3, 2014
Deadline: November 30,2014

Horses of any
Andalusian Crossing Grand Opening 3-Day-Event:new: Deadline Extended to November 30, 2014
Andalusian-Crossing is really finally opening up. I'm serious this time. XD Anyway the group will be hosting this 3-Day-Event to help get activity going in the group. Participants can get free designs and maybe some bonus points toward the group for taking part in the group's first event. 
:note: Event is being Held at and Hosted by DarKest-Dreams-Ranch
Open: April 3, 2014
Deadline: November 30, 2014

Horses of any breed both fantasy and natural may take part. (Fantasy horses may not use anything that may give them an advantage in the show.)
Horses must be 4 years or older.
Horses must have experience in their chosen class such as; previous competition or a <a href="#" title="Click to Continue by MediaPlayerplus">
Bring The Bannermanes Back - Tribute Show!Hello my fellow HARPG Players. In celebration of the Bannermanes hopefully coming back to being an active breed with new expansions on what can be done with them, I am holding a grand show to help the Bannermanes come back! I personally love my little band and plan to create a couple more imports since they are freely open now. So the idea is to showcase the shows that I believe the Bannermanes excel at; Flat racing and Jousting!!! :new: Adding Liberty!!
If you have other ideas leave a comment and we may see about adding them!
This Event will be mostly directed at the Bannermanes competitors but I will be encouraging horses of any breeds natural or unnatural to take part!
Hope to see many Bannermanes in the arena!! More info will come a bit later. 
DarK Out!!
Start Date: Coming Soon
End Date: Coming Soon
Location: Coming Soon
Weather: Coming Soon
Rules: Coming Soon
Prizes: Coming Soon!!

DKD Events:
DKD Upcoming Youngstock AuctionWell the auction is in the works but trying to figure out some things before the youngstock is ready for their possible new owners.
Horses will range in age from weanlings to 3 year olds. What I still would like to know is what breeds and possibly colors you as prospective new owners would like to see. Also what horses you might like to see foals from. Some horse will just be foundation and some might have pedigrees. 
Some of the breeds I may be putting up will be;
Paint Horses
Azteca Horses
Spanish Normans
Quarter Horses
Sport Horses
Hototo Crosses
Westeival Demi-Demons The Westeival Demon Breedsheet 1.0 (They are gonna start infesting DKD....XD)
Foals to be Auctioned

DKD Programs:
DarKest Dreams Ranch Summer Program!:new: Updated 8/6/14
Program continuing this Summer 2014. I will continue to tweek it and allow more people to register every summer.
So I have been developing this idea for a fun way for DKD to interact with other stables and to have a large event and I finally have most of the kinks out. XD
What is the DKD Summer Program?
Well DKD always opens up during summer for youngsters to get a summer job to earn payment from money to lessons, apprenticeships horses and more.
So DKD is opening its doors this summer, just a but wider. Whether you have a young (or Older) character/stable employee/memeber that is needing a summer gig or just would like to learn more about DKD AND
DarKest Dreams Ranch - Surrogate Mare ProgramWell I have been thinking about this for a while and I finally imported a herd of Molly mules to become surrogate moms for foals of my mares that will be competing.
I got the idea from a real Gyspy Vanner farm in Florida who created the Mule Mom Program.
Find the video here:
And here is my Surrogate Mare Herd:
The only thing I haven't looked up is egg collection. I hope to learn about that eventually too.^^
The following has been updated and is more for Role Play than anything except of course breeding. XD The next part of this journal is my DKD Vet and Vet Tech in character talking to anyone who might hire DKD for the "service."
Also, foals can be "born" before any of these RPs are finished. :D
HARPG Studios ~ Equine Acting/Stunt Horse ClassesWell I am trying to bring this group back to life and Thank You hhorseACE for suggesting holding classes!
So I will be opening up classes for Equine acting and stunts. These classes will be free but you have to do art of your horse performing the stunt or acting. I will make an image of an equine actor or stunt horse performing the material and your homework will be your horse repeating what the "Teacher Horse" does.
There will be two different classes and you can choose to enroll your horse in one or both. I will start with these classes as entry level. I may do some advanced classes although they will require the prerequisite of taking part in the Acting/Stunt classes  for the corresponding advanced class.
So for now I will be opening up the classes for registration. If the class starts and you wish to take part, send a note and you will be put on a wait list for the next Class which will restart soon after the current class ends. Once registration ends for the class, there w
HARPG Studios ~ Current Students and AssignmentsCLASSES OPEN JUNE 1ST 2013
:new: Update 8/6/14
Getting things going again and will start posting Assignments within the week.
Assignment requirements will differ from assignment to assignment. Some will require a full body while others may just require a head shot. Horses must be fully colored though shading is optional. It will not be counted unless the horse is clearly the horse registered in the class. Assignments will be given fair time to be completed depending on the difficulty. Late assignments can be turned in if given good reason like bad internet, personal problems/ finicky computer. Assignments later than 5 days will be considered :bulletred:Missed:bulletred: assignments. There will be a limit of three missed assignments before you will have to be asked to drop out of the class. You can sign up for the following class right away.
Young Equine Acting 101
Assignment #1 - :thumb: - Deadline
Assignment #2 - :thumb: - Deadline
Equine Acting 101
Assignment #1

DKD Involved Events:
HARPG - Studios ~ Casting Calls For 8/6 - 12/30/14:new: Updated 8/6/14
Casting Calls will  be open for 4 months from on.
HARPG-Studios is getting being brought back to life and Casting Calls are back on!
Anyone can take part in casting calls since these Casting Calls will be a chance for anyone who want to to have their horses get some quick experience. They are usually for extra parts and stunt doubles and not the main characters.
Casting Calls For August 6th, 2014 - December 30th, 2014
"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"
Extra Horses
Requirements: Any horse can apply.
Horse Type/Color: Cob/Pony/Draft Breeds. Any Colors.
Stunt Horses:
Requirements: Horses must have atleast some stunt training
Horse Type/Color: Black Warmblood Type Horses - Wraith Horses, Grey Spanish Type Horses - Arwin's Horse, Chestnut Horses - Gandolph's Horse

Directions: Register your horses as

DKD Activities









~ Fawnlings ~





~ SheduCats ~

: Males
Lio Nostromo 1504 by SheduMaster
The Grand Masquerade 930 - Coming Soon

Shedu cat female 342 by Templado The Girl With Two Faces 2307 by SheduMaster Fast and Furious Super Nova 2910 by SheduMaster Dark S Haruko 2962AS by SheduMaster









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MP3 player of choice: Any
Personal Quote: Too many to list.


Spring, Year 760 of the New Age
Esmeralda's Den, Forests Between Oakfern and Blackwood 

Loki stood watching as his mother used her magic to gather some moist paste and elevate it into the bowl of herbs she was working on. She seemed to know exactly how much of each ingredient and combined them with ease. He watched as she finished her herb paste and swooped her tail through the bowl strap and strode to her drying rock. She set the bowl down and nudged a large leaf onto it and then used her magic to transfer the still moist paste onto the leaf before molding it into a semi flat sheet then leaving it to dry in the sun. He shook his head and gave a small smile as she went to start yet another potion. She liked to stay in stock for trading purposes and to always have some ointments, capsules and teas in case of any ailment that may befall them. He was begining to get more than merely amused by his mothers actions though. He was starting to feel concern. He was still young but he was very smart and observant. He knew his mother carried a new sibling to him as she never hid anything from him. She had been teaching him in helpful herbs that could help in the labor and anything else that may go wrong. She never told him things gently but told him full on the entirety of anything and everything. In many ways he was being made to grow up fast but it was neccessary when living out among the jungle and forests of Oakfern and Blackwood with predators everywhere as well as dangerous fawnlings. Loki snorted before finally walking over to his mother. His large size for his young age made him look older than he was next to his small mother. His mother told him it was from the Silverthorne in his blood from his sire. "Mother, why don't you rest now?" He stood beside her and did not physically intervene. His mother had proven tempermental at times the further she progressed into her prenancy. She slowed for a fraction of a moment before continuing on with her work. "There are still plenty of hours of sunlight left. Best not to waste them and take full advantage to finished some more medicines."

Loki frowned at the stubborn stance of his mother as she seemed tunnel visioned on her herbalism. He finally gently moved between her and her work and gently pushed her back with his growing bulk. "Mother, you have already made over a dozen different medicines. You made ten ointments and countless capsule sheets. Not to mention half a dozen tea powders." He stood and rose his head high to stare straight into the eyes of his mother. "You need to stop. The exersion is not good for you or my young sibling." We have plenty of medicines made for the next fortnight, let alone for today. Unless you somehow forsar an anslaut of travelers stumbling into our den and needing supplies."Esmeralda stood and met her son's gaze. A gaze that was begining to look more and more like the gaze of that stag from her dream. She saw the wonder always present in his eyes, the mischeif that would show itself in a playful act or a smart mouthed comment. But now she saw the adult in him slowly growing in the concern and mature stern squint in his eyes. She looked into her son's brown eyes for what seemed an eternity when she went over what he said in her head. He was right of course. The weariness in her body also told her she had pushed herself too far this day. She flung a maternal glare at her son before lowering her gaze and sighing. "You are right my son. You seem to be thus more and more of late. Where your wisdom comes for one so young I don't know."Loki gave one of his mischeivous smiles. "I glean my wisdom my observing you my mother..." then he bounded away before Esmeralda could respond. She stood a moment before she would have talked to air with her mouth between sounds when she rolled her eyes at her son. "You wait til I have your sibling, my son. You won't be able to outrun a doe who isn't with fawn." Loki's laughter sounded from the other end of the meadow by their den. The little imp was mischeivous and playful at times, but he was a good young stag. He was sweet, kind and caring although she had a feeling he would not show this side to others besides her and the coming fawn. Loki was ever silent and observant when strangers came around. He would gladly assist her in all things she may need his help with, but would barely say a word to the outsiders. She found it funny that her son would call any other fawnling an outsider when in reality, she and Loki were self made outsiders to Oakfern. She often wondered what was happening in Oakfern. Was her sire well? Was her mother happy? Loki actually reminded Es much of her sire. The way he was tall and silent around others who weren't family. The day she decided to not return to the caves was the first and only time she had seen a tear falling from his eye as he withdrew from what he thought to be one last embrace. Her mother had been doing her best not to openly weap in despair as her first and only current fawn was choosing to live a life outside the caves. But there was nothing they could do as she had been of a mature age. She had already been spending most of her days and nights in the forests so she wondered that her family would mourn her so. Did they doubt she would make it out here? Or do as well as she had these past five years? Did they think her long dead?"Mother! I hope you're not starting another concoction!"Esmeralda pricked her ears to the sound of her son's voice and chuckled. While she appreciated her son taking responsability and growing up fast, sometimes she believed he forgot that she was the adult and his mother. She couldn't be mad at him though. She finally walked back to the den where her son was pulling the bear hides into a large nest. Es shook her head and laughed. "You'll make someone a fine dotting doe one day."Loki snorted in surprise and horror at his mother's words. "I will not!! I just want you to be comfortable!"Esmeralda laughed harder. "My son I am only teasing you." She waited for her chuckles to quiet before watching her son seem to wonder about what she had said. She hadn't really told him much of the ways of the rut. It would have been handy to have a stag around that Loki was able to connect with. A male to teach him in stag ways. A father figure.An image of Ajani appeared in her minds' eye and she felt the cold worrying dread she always felt when thoughts of Loki's father came to mind. He had said he would come back to see Loki grow up. But it had been a long time since Ajani's last visit, too long infact. Loki appeared outwardly unworried but she knew he was worried. His father seemed to have dissapeared into the very mists they saw him depart in after their last visit. She paused as she tried to count the months in her head and remeber when the last time Ajani had seen them. The more she counted, she realized what must be the truth. Ajani had not been to see them in well over a year. Nearing two years in fact. She feared what had become of her friend. She knew Loki wanted to know as she did where Ajani was, where he had been, and what had happened.She felt her eyes ach as tears threatened. Loki needed his father and she feared the very worst. Thinking of Loki's father made her think of the father of the fawn growing inside her. Would their father come back and be apart of their life? Did he care for the unborn child at all? As she was begining to? She feared both her fawns growing up without knowing their fathers.She wasn't aware of how involved in her thoughts she was until she noticed Loki asking her if she was ok."Yes, I'm fine Loki," She took a shaky breath and closed her eyes to regain her composure. "I believe you were right. I have overdone it today."He looked closely at her for a moment before seeming satisfied and going and finding a good spot in the nest to settle. Es sighed and moved behind her son and lay beside him. He lowered his ears and head and snuggled his face near her chest where he liked to listen to her heartbeat as he slept. As he had done from the day he was born. She watched her son with love before glancing up and outside to the meadow lit by the setting sun. A grim epression passed over her face as she gazed toward the hidden entrance to their secret meadow valley. She sighed sadly before curling her body about her son and resting her head protectively over him. She breathed in his young clean scent and looked out her good eye at the trinket from Ajani hanging from a string woven into Loki's mane just bellow his ear. She finally closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Without a Father
Will add info later
Well it seems I jinxed myself after my last status. Our Internet seems better at times but can still be spotty. Then my muse also seemed to hightail it to parts unknow. It feels like anything I would do of a creative nature would be a chore. Then I have soo many things needing done for Harpg, Shedus, Fawnlings, and then loads of personal projects.....I have not just alot on my plate at present, but a whole buffet worth of things I need to do. I will try to get some art going again soon. And's blocked too....we shall see....
So I finally have great internet and am gearing up for some more Art, Role Plays and also finally some gaming again. LOL So I was wondering who out there is on some different games.
2 deviants said Minecraft
1 deviant said Blizzard of course with WoW and Hearthstone. ^^
1 deviant said Wolf Quest
No deviants said I have Steam and have a few games on there I am playing; Elsword and School of Dragons
No deviants said Just got Glyph, going to try out ArcheAge.
No deviants said Origin; Just have The Sims 3 plus extentions
No deviants said THe Endless Forest
No deviants said StarStable
No deviants said Might be a few others but can't remember currently. XD
88 deviations

DKD Sponsored Secret Santa and Christmas Raffle!!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 13, 2014, 12:12 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

So I haven't seen a secret santa for HARPG or ARPG around in a while and thought I would hold one as well as a Christmas Raffle! I will put up some prizes for the raffle and if any would like to contribute, I would welcome those willing to donate. :)

Secret Santa
Simply state your top three Christmas wishes in a comment. You will then be added to the list of Secret Santa. I will use a to assign a Secret Santa to everyone. 
:note:Christmas Wishes will be accepted and added up until Dec. 23rd with some possible exceptions if you don't mind getting your gift after Christmas.

1. BlackMare234
W1. Art of Sky[… ]
W2. Any amount of points.
W3 . ..I really don't know what my third would be e.e...i guess art of my Dog.Issybelle…



With this Christmas Raffle, you can choose to have your name put into different raffles. Everyone will get one free ticket to use toward as many as every raffle. You cannot win more than one though as that would not be fair to 
everyone else taking part. So please choose only raffles that you really want.
:note: You can gain a second ticket by advertising this Journal.

I will be Taking tickets through up until Christmas Eve at Midnight. I will then use Christmas Morning to announce the winners.

Raffle #1
Hototo Cross Foal from my stock
1. BlackMare234

Raffle #2
Obertaurer Foal from my stock
1. FunVolcano

Raffle #3
Nordanner Foal from my stock
1. galianogangster

Raffle #4
Faime Foal from my stock

Raffle #5
Peafowl Freisan Foal from my stock

(More will be added in time)
Raffle #6

Raffle #7


DarKestcreagirl has started a donation pool!
134 / 7,000
Points that are donated will be used to make my groups Supergroups or they will be used for Show winnings.

You must be logged in to donate.

So I finally have great internet and am gearing up for some more Art, Role Plays and also finally some gaming again. LOL So I was wondering who out there is on some different games. 

2 deviants said Minecraft
1 deviant said Blizzard of course with WoW and Hearthstone. ^^
1 deviant said Wolf Quest
No deviants said I have Steam and have a few games on there I am playing; Elsword and School of Dragons
No deviants said Just got Glyph, going to try out ArcheAge.
No deviants said Origin; Just have The Sims 3 plus extentions
No deviants said THe Endless Forest
No deviants said StarStable
No deviants said Might be a few others but can't remember currently. XD


Full Painting
DarKs Reeses Peanutbutter Cup by DarKestcreagirl
Moonlight and Magic by DarKestcreagirl
Twilight Serenity by DarKestcreagirl
Loki / Stag / Outsider by DarKestcreagirl
AT Sky by DarKestcreagirl
Dancing Banner by DarKestcreagirl
Full Painting with full body Character with complete detailed background. Can be traditional or digital.
Simple Portrait
276 Dellingr by DarKestcreagirl
DarKs Whispering Brooke by DarKestcreagirl
Jians Pretty Shedu by DarKestcreagirl
4942 DarK's Westeival Knight by DarKestcreagirl
#009 DarK's By Serena's Might by DarKestcreagirl
Simple portrait with transparent background. Can be shaded with soft or cell shading.
Portrait with Complete Background
127 Lilith by DarKestcreagirl
6328 DarK's By Elyon's Blade by DarKestcreagirl
The Coming Autumn by DarKestcreagirl
Ask Art Challenge - Afeira on Pendulus by DarKestcreagirl
Victoria Weller - DKD Manager (Alaska Location) by DarKestcreagirl
Completely Shaded portrait with complete background with some sort of horizon. Can be equine, human, shedu, ect.

Journal History

All the Lovely Stamps!!

wrong reality by WolfcatStamps :stamp: by Ishaway 90'S BABIES ARE THE BEEEEEST by endler Saint Helena by SirvanaRachana Difference Stamp by DemonFlare2343 Friendship stamp by JinZhan Stamp : Be nice or shut up by Crysthal Mind Stamp by jenepooh Stamp: True Friendship by Jammerlee


Feb 26, 2015
4:34 am
Feb 26, 2015
3:00 am
Feb 23, 2015
8:38 am
Feb 23, 2015
5:51 am
Feb 21, 2015
11:23 pm


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